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Steam problem

Twon1977Twon1977 Posts: 1Member
These are pics of a recent boiler install by a co worker. I do not have pics of original boiler as I did not install this boiler. I am no expert on steam but I do find it interesting and want to learn. This was oil to gas. Radiators were measured for cfs so boiler is correct size or close to it. After install it's been a nightmare. Hammer, noises and cold rooms. Pressure is at 1 psi. Differential at 1. There was injtially 2 risers off header but water hammer was so bad. My co worker wound up making 1 riser and for some reason it worked better so this is how it's been. You can see the plugged tee on header. This is dry return with highest point being farthest away from boiler and condensate draining back from both sides. Pics aren't perfect but I'm hoping there's a obvious problem to somebody.


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