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System Fluid Experiment..

Derheatmeister Member Posts: 1,527
As many of you may already know on a regular basis we have to deal with the infiltration of Oxygen into closed loop systems due to ether a none existing barrier, Improper tube selection during construction, Improper Manufacturing of the barrier or improper piping designs..

If the system components are not able to withstand these unfavorable conditions we experience a Premature deteriorating process of system components i.e given:Circulating pumps//Valves/Zone valves/ Controls/ Boilers/Water heaters Heat exchanges.....

If this problem goes undiagnosed and system component are just replaced for the alike(Dumped into the system) it can even cause a entire system to have a "Cardiac attack" or a no flow condition due to Clogged In-floor tubing...

As sediment settles in the Tubing this also increases the operating cost due to a bad heat transfer.. This can be very frustrating for everybody involved and gives the Radiant heating industries a Bad Name!

Due to the above Mentioned Issues some of the Europeans are starting to enforce system Fluid maintenance requirements....Which is a positive, Energy conserving thing...

As for the Experiment and experimentation:

We are looking to set up a Visual Glass type piping system which will enable us to check the performances of different types of Cyclonic/Magnetic/Sacrificial filtering systems and rate them according to performing under different conditions.

Does anyone have a good source for this Glass type pipe and fittings?

Other suggestions and recommendations are also very appreciated..

Thanks,The Heatmeister Group.....Richard Graves


  • Gordy
    Gordy Member Posts: 9,546
    Hot Rod

    I think Hot Rod did a training setup with clear piping etc.
  • Harvey Ramer
    Harvey Ramer Member Posts: 2,239
    edited March 2014
    Glass piping.

    The only glass piping with integrated fittings that I am aware of is used in dairy setups. They use them for the milk lines so they can visually see that the wash cycle is doing it's job.

    Bring your wallet ;-)

  • Derheatmeister
    Derheatmeister Member Posts: 1,527
    Hot Rod

    A couple years ago I have also seen that Grundfos had a demo setup for the Delta P Circulating series..

    Thank you for the Lead Gordy.
  • Mark Eatherton
    Mark Eatherton Member Posts: 5,853

    I know where you are going with this, and I am excited to see the final product.

    Nothing beats a visual demonstration. Your head and brain see's EXACTLY what's going on.

    It's not so much a case of "You got what you paid for", as it is a matter of "You DIDN'T get what you DIDN'T pay for, and you're NOT going to get what you thought you were in the way of comfort". Borrowed from Heatboy.
  • Derheatmeister
    Derheatmeister Member Posts: 1,527

    Yes... Growing up Visiting my Uncles Dairy Farm i remember seeing this piping..

    Not sure how it will perform with the Heat /Pressure and Aggressive PH levels

    I am guessing that a Lab supply may also have these pipes and Fittings

    I will follow your lead..Thank you Harvey.
  • Derheatmeister
    Derheatmeister Member Posts: 1,527
    Lab Equipment

    Thanks Mark..

    I will also need a good Oxygen Meter / PH Meter / TDS /Conductivity Meter..

    I know that some of this equipment can be very Expensive and for us to conduct this"experiment' they need to have a certain Accuracy for documentation..

    They will also have to be Calibrated and this will have to be documented..

    Or once we did some of the Leg work i may have to get a professional Lab to confirm our findings...

    Got any leads? I do not want to go Broke doing this..

    As you Know is will become a Teaching Tool..
  • Henry
    Henry Member Posts: 998
    Clear piping

    Instead of using glass, you can use clear plastic piping. The Armstrong steam rep here has a whole wall of clear tubing to demonstrate problems with steam systems. It is also a lot less expensive the lab type glass piping. Contact your local plastic distributor for the proper pipe.
  • Derheatmeister
    Derheatmeister Member Posts: 1,527
    Plastic Piping

    Henry..Guessing that you are on the east coast ?

    Do you have a contact for this sales Rep.

    Thanks for this suggestion this may help with Production Cost.. Richard.