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New boiler supply/return question

slowheat Member Posts: 1

I recently had a high efficiency Alpine gas boiler installed rated

at 95%.  We have hot water baseboard in the house.  When it was first installed, I observed that when the water

temperature exited the boiler at 180 degrees, it would return at 160

degrees.  I was informed that the 20 degree difference was the correct

ratio.  We have a Taco 0015 mulispeed set at #2 (3 speeds) going to the boiler, and

a Taco 0011 going to the rest of the house.  We have approximately 69

feet of baseboard covering the living area of the home (1 floor).  I

noticed that the the house heats slower now than it did before when we

had a oil boiler, but we understood that is part of owning a high

efficiency boiler.

I noticed I have a lot of exposed copper piping in the basement.  I

purchased Armacell 2.3r polyethylene insulation and covered

approximately 40 feet of the piping in the basement that leads to the

first floor baseboard.  During the winter the basement gets into the low 40s.  Once I covered the exposed pipes, I noticed that

the return temperature to the boiler was over 170 degrees, sometimes

up to 175.

We do not need heat in the basement, that is why I covered up the

pipes. Is the lower differential (10-5 degrees as opposed to 20) a sign

of a problem?  Or is there a way we can get the differential closer to

the 20 degrees and have our living area heat up faster?


  • SWEI
    SWEI Member Posts: 7,356
    DId your installer

    wire up the outdoor temperature sensor and configure ODR on the boiler?
  • slowhea
    slowhea Member Posts: 1
    New boiler spply/return question

    yes they did.  the boiler doesn't always run at 180 degrees, but when it does, the return is over 170.  it's the same when it is running at lower temperatures
  • Jason_13
    Jason_13 Member Posts: 299
    Taco 0011

    This is a pretty unusual circulator for baseboard hot water.

    What is the cycle time on the boiler?