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Vent-Rite #11 question

anskyansky Member Posts: 41
I have an old Vent-Rite #11 on a single-pipe steam radiator. I noticed after the boiler shuts off the vent makes a suction hissing noise for about 10 minutes after the boiler has shut off. I can tell it's a vacuum. Is this considered normal operation, or is this a bad vent?

Also, is the #11 considered a "fast" vent? This radiator is at the farthest point from the boiler so I need to vent the air quickly.


  • FredFred Member Posts: 8,423
    Normal "Breathing"

    That is pretty much normal "breathing" after a heating cycle. Make sure your Main vents are working properly as they should expel most of the air in the system and do a lot of the "breathing" after a cycle but this radiator vent, by being the furthest from the boiler may simply cool a little quicker than some of the others and open first. The #11 is fast venting . 
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