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Condesing Pellet Boilers?

LuckyDog Member Posts: 22
So I think I found a "perfect" boiler for my NH house. The Windhager FireWIN a.k.a. Baxi BioFlo. 30kBTUh is the right size. Problem is finding the nitty-gritty details. I get so sick of the advertising hyperboil. Yes, it is a wonderful unique design, but how the heck do I hook it up and control it?

They say up-to 95.7% efficiency. I infered that it modulates from the literature.  3.8kW to 9.1kW (13 - 31 kBTU/h)  So is it really Condensing??? Can you achieve that kind of efficiency without condensation?

I read in the installation manual "the maximum setpoint achievable in normal heating operation" can be set between 60°C & 75°C (140° - 167°F). "the set temperature for external heating requirement" is set between 35° - 75°C (95° - 167°F). BUT the minimum boiler return temp is 50°C (130°F).

I think I sort of understand all that. Minimum Boiler temp to prevent condensate; Max Boiler Temp to protect the system. External Heat Limit for the load.

But I cannot find any information on how all that hooks together. There is no mention of ODR, Ext. Heat Sensor connections, or how to hook up a Circulator / mixing valve to the boiler.

Has anyone installed or use one of these type pellet boiler?

Building a house in NH


  • heatpro02920
    heatpro02920 Member Posts: 991
    edited March 2014
    You mean the german video didnt tell you all you wanted to know?

    I have installed a few pellet fired boilers, never had great reviews, I like coal...

    That sure is a good looking unit though...

    I heat my house with a dual burner coal furnace 85k btu or 170kbtu if I run both burners... It modulates from a small tiny flame to a pair of huge fires, heats my 4300 sq ft new england home all year for under $1500, I have to empty the ash bin and load the hopper once a week and twice a week when both burners are lit... But I have a pair of sons that enjoy the responsibility... Propane and oil have cost me 4 times as much in previous years... I get my coal delivered in the summer, it stays outside until I want to bring it in, pellets need to be stored somewhere dry, cost more per btu, and dont give off as much energy..

    I am interested in what you find on that unit...

    I have installed a few of the Treager PB150's, they seem to work nice, I have had a few service issues, the power vent fan seems to be an issue so I install a field power venter in the wall and make a plate to get rid of their venting system, works much much better than the $400 fan they install on the unit, plus its easy to fix... Other than that and some mild feeding issues with certain pellets, my customers have been happy.. One of them is in a 6000 sq ft house with hydro air units throughout, they dont use any oil, but they use around 12 tons of pellets a year and keep the house cold...

    I did a pair of coal furnaces {with a hybrid water heater} in a 5000 sq foot house last May, the customer used to use around $7000 in oil and he heated his house this year for under $2000 in coal. So in 3 years his 2 coal furnaces will have paid for themselves!!!! Considering they will last 40 years thats not a bad deal....

    anyway good luck, I love to see people using solid fuel...
  • Robert O'Brien
    Robert O'Brien Member Posts: 3,483
    Non Condensing

    Euro's use a different scale. Latent heat is not accounted for in 100%
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  • LuckyDog
    LuckyDog Member Posts: 22
    What kind of reviews?

    What were the complaints? or concerns?

    I have no experience with pellet stoves in the house. Grew up with wood boiler in the basement. Loved the warmth.

    I think my main concern is fan noise in the living room when it is running.

    Curious to your experiences / reviews.

    Building a house in NH
  • LuckyDog
    LuckyDog Member Posts: 22
    Is there a conversion factor?

    Is there a conversion factor for Euro to US efficiency ratings?

    Or just assume that if it is not condensing, it is around 85% or 87% max?

    Building a house in NH