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Replace 2" x 10' cast iron steam pipe cost?

fenix922 Member Posts: 2
Hi, sorry if this is something I should. First-time home owner, been in the house about a month. One of our steam mains (taking steam from the boiler to the radiator) sprung a pinhole leak. I talked to a plumber about getting it replaced. He was nice, but also a bit of a salesman (which is fine). I would appreciate any input on whether his price is reasonable:

-First he quoted me $300 for parts (the pipe and what not) plus $95 an hour for labor.

-He also said he would do the whole job for a flat rate of $990.

-FINALLY, when I didn't get back to him within a day he texted me and offered to do the whole job for $660, cash only.

Is $660 reasonable for this job? Looking online, I saw 2" x 10' cast iron pipes for around $150, but I have no idea how much work this is (I'm kinda guessing a lot given how heavy the pipe is).



  • nicholas bonham-carter
    nicholas bonham-carter Member Posts: 8,572
    Leaking 2 inch pipe

    I would be more concerned about his expertise than his price. Changing prices so rapidly would raise an alarm with me. Has he any references?

    Where is the leak - in the section of the pipe or in the threads which go into a fitting. Labor is probably the biggest component in the repair cost here.

    There are temporary patching devices, much like a wide hose clamp with a rubber gasket on it, which would hold off this permanent solution until warm weather. They will not work well on a location right next to the threads.--NBC
  • fenix922
    fenix922 Member Posts: 2
    I got referred to this guy from another plumber that had great reviews

    I found one plumber on Angie's List with great reviews, who was booked solid for the week, so he referred me to this guy.

    I assumed the reduction in price was a selling tactic or he thought I got a more competitive estimate. Also, there's a lot of old pipe in this house and I think he's hoping to land us as customers for the long run.

    We thought about patching it. The pinhole is about a 6 to 8 inches from the threads.
  • Steamhead
    Steamhead Member Posts: 15,755
    We do not

    discuss pricing on this board. 
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  • j a_2
    j a_2 Member Posts: 1,801
    cast iron

    Never have seen a cast iron steam pipe….Pricing is best left between you and him...
    RDSTEAM Member Posts: 134
    Labor costs

    Are off limits but a 10' piece of pipe is $45 and $10 for a union. $660 is a bit much IMO. Any good steam guy can do that in less than 2 hours.