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noisy pipe no leak & vent location

remodelremodel Member Posts: 68
Two questions:

1) Long story short but my plumber installed a vent pipe under the soffit of my dormer.  The dormer is purely decorative and the soffit is unvented and actually does not even open up to the attic space or livable space.  The vent pipe is about a foot below soffit. Is there a problem with the gases hitting that soffit, i.e. deterioration, green looking paint etc..  I know I should have had it moved but at the time that was the least of my issues.  

2) When my plumber installed one DWV pipe, I believe the strap used to secure the DWV pipe was set to tight, because when I turn on the shower/tub/sink in the master bath there is a massive amount of ticking/clicking noise for 2 minutes while the ABS expands.  I have ruled out leaks as the addition has been up for 5 months.  Only other thing is a pex line but even when I pull stopper on  tub the water going down the drain makes that pipe click or when I use cold water too.  It is pretty annoying and I have a pretty high tolerance. My question is; I have an access hatch (that I created) through the tub deck and I can cut that strap to loosen it, is that where you guys would start before you would start demoing? 


  • icesailoricesailor Member Posts: 7,265
    Vent Locations:

    In Massachusetts, vent terminations must be 10' horizontally away from an opening of a building like a window and 2' vertically over the top of the window.

    As far as the noise. If you drill 4" holes for a 3" DWV pipe, and one hole is slightly off, and a piece of pipe is just TOUCHING the wood in the hole, it will make a racket. I think that ABS is worse but where I worked, there was no ABS ever used.

    You may think that the hanger is the cause of the "ticking" but it probably isn't. It is the slow expansion of the warming pipe. If you can get to the holes where the noise is coming from, it can be improved with some goopy silicone spray, sprayed around the pipe. If the holes don't line up, and it was jammed in the hole, you'll be living with it. It takes time (and money) to make holes line up and pipes not rubbing.
  • remodelremodel Member Posts: 68
    vents & noise

    ice..thanks for replying, I will try and get to that pipe and spray some silicone spray on it and keep my fingers crossed.   
  • icesailoricesailor Member Posts: 7,265

    If you can locate a spot that the pipe is resting on wood, try sliding a piece of copper/ aluminum or zinc flashing between the pipe and wood. Let the pipe slide on some metal.

    My old late/dead boss was nuts about noise. We had to put a piece of lead flashing in any drilled hole where the pipe rested on the wood.
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