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3-Pass vs Standard

Damian418 Member Posts: 4

In getting quotes for a boiler replacement, I have one contractor specifying a New Yorker CL series boiler. I see they also have a 3-pass boiler with similar AFUE, the CI-HGS series. What are the differences, advantages, disadvantages with the 3-pass vs the standard cast iron boiler he suggests? Anyone have any experience with either? I'm not completely sold on New Yorker, but he says he has good experience with them...so I'm strongly considering it.



  • Steamhead
    Steamhead Member Posts: 16,889
    Pretty much the same as Burnham

    they are under the same corporate ownership.

    The CL is a pin-type boiler not unlike the Burnham V8 series. The heat exchanger uses vertical passages with pins that absorb the heat. These can be very difficult to clean properly, so many times they aren't cleaned properly which reduces efficiency.

    The CI-HGS 3-pass unit is similar to the MPO. Its flue passages are much more accessible since you can access almost everything by opening the door on the front, and there are no little pins which are so hard to clean. Therefore this boiler is more likely to be cleaned properly and maintain its efficiency.

    For this reason, we favor 3-pass boilers.
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  • heatpro02920
    heatpro02920 Member Posts: 991
    edited March 2014
    triple pass

    If you do not need a tankless coil, I like triple pass boilers, like steamhead stated they are easier to maintain and tend to be more efficient than a std pin boiler... Buderus makes some nice tri pass units that are worth looking into... I have installed a lot of g115 and 215's since they came out, great results all around...

    As far as boiler brand, if you trust your contractor, do a little research and are comfortable with you find then pull the trigger, boilers are so closely priced now that the difference between say a steel new yorker {I think they are FR and AP series} and a triple pass buderus is not as much as you would think... A good wet base boilre will last a long time, I prefer cast Iron and I have seen guys using steel a lot, they say it heats up faster and saves on stand by losses, but I am not sold... Ill pick cast Iron every time.. I don't have much experience with new yorker, i know they used to be very affordable and I have seen many in the field...