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Magnetic coasters to shim radiator?

Blaine Member Posts: 21
Anyone know where to get the magnetic furniture coasters that Richard is using to level the radiator in this video? My wife is getting tired of the home made cardboard wrapped duct taped ones I made. The ones I am looking for are at 2:35

<a href="http://www.thisoldhouse.com/toh/video/0,,20503995,00.html">http://www.thisoldhouse.com/toh/video/0,,20503995,00.html</a>


  • quack24
    quack24 Member Posts: 74
    cheap shims

    Not sure were he gets them from But you can try some quarters they're only four for a dollar
  • Blaine
    Blaine Member Posts: 21

    I've already got a home made solution in place, I'm looking for something a little more ascetically pleasing.
  • Patrick_North
    Patrick_North Member Posts: 249
    home meade solution

    Hi Blaine,

    Not sure how handy you are in the wood shop, but my favorite home grown solution so far is also dead simple if you have a few tools.

    Find a piece of wood a bit thicker than what you need to shim the radiator. It's helpful if the wood is something "stain grade" - maybe similar to the floor or nearby trim. Using a (cheap!) forstner bit a bit bigger than the foot of the rad, drill a hole into but not through the wood. Adjust the depth of this hole to match the depth/height of the shim you need. Now center a (cheap!) hole cutting bit (a little larger than the forstner bit) over the hole. Drill through the wood and you've got an attractive, 100% custom "caster cup."

    Slap a little stain and shellac on them- the whole business doesn't take more than a few minutes.

    Good luck,

  • 98chaos
    98chaos Member Posts: 9

    Blaine -

    The coasters in the video aren't really magnetic. You can find them at Home Depot. Here's a link.

  • Blaine
    Blaine Member Posts: 21

    I think the clicking noise made me assume they were magnetic. I actually had these in my hand and thought the were the wrong ones.

    Thanks again.