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proper refill procedure after moving supply

mow Member Posts: 12
My zone 2&3 supplies are in a wall that I am removing. I need to move them up against a wall. I am able to solder copper pipes so not concerned about that. I am curious if I can stillrun zone 1 while these are being moved and how to drain and properly refill and bleed the system. Zone 2&3 are second and third floor



  • Paul48
    Paul48 Member Posts: 4,469

    I just bought a new bumper for my truck, will it fit?
  • mow
    mow Member Posts: 12

    My pictures did not post in my first post. The two left zones are for the 2nd and 3rd floor. The zone vales are not moving, They just need to go to the wall then up to the ceiling.

    THis is my plan please let me know if there are any flaws. Sweat on pex fittings and pexing the patch.

    Do I need the orange pex or will the red work? I would prefer copper but the areas are really tight and pex would make the job much easier.

    What type of solder and flux do I need? Not sure if there is a special type for boilers.

  • mow
    mow Member Posts: 12
    More info

    The zone valves are on the supply side.

    I would shut the ball valves on the supply and return,

    open the gate vales and drain the zones.

    Do my plumbing work,

    leave the return ball valve closed

    Turn on the supply ball valve

    and turn on the water from the blue gate valve pictured in the previous thread

    Let water run out of the return gate valve until air is out?

    Shut the return gate valve and shut the water supply?

    How do I know the pressure is right and what should it be

    Its a three story home with baseboard heating. Mixed cast iron and copper aluminum baseboard and the boiler is a weil mcclain. Ill post the model # tomorrow when Im back at the house.