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Radiator sounds

JohnW2 Member Posts: 21
I have two sounds that I'm trying to identify the cause of. I've heard what water hammer sounds like, and neither one is water hammer. The system is one pipe steam.

1. The first sound. After the system kicks on, several of the radiators will make one or two loud snaps or bangs. Sometimes you can hear it travel around the house. The radiator in one room will snap or bang, and then the one in the next room, etc. I have eight radiators in the house and four of them do this. It's loud enough to wake you up at night.

2. The second sound. A few minutes after the system is on, the large radiator in the living room will make a sound that kind of sounds like someone lightly pounding on a gong with a cloth mallet. It makes this sound about eight or nine times and then stops.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • nicholas bonham-carter
    Noise cancellation

    Try putting some pieces of milk jug under the feet, to make them slide more easily.

    Are there very fast vents on the noisy radiators?--NBC
  • JohnW2
    JohnW2 Member Posts: 21
    Tunstall Vents

    I'm not sure. They're Tunstall adjustable vents, and they're all turned down  to one or two.