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Cast Iron Radiator Valves - Adjusting

Lasasj Member Posts: 1
The radiators at the far end of my house are not warming up like the ones above the furnace, which are very hot. I suspect the pump is undersized, but my question is:

Can the valves I have be adjusted; partially open to force more water to the far end of the house? Will this create any problems with the valve?

Also, I have one or two that are seized up... how much force can I apply without breaking them?



  • Some too hot some too cold

    You can loosen the packing nut right underneath the handle with an adjustable crescent wrench a partial turn, and that should allow the valve spindle to rotate. Remember to tighten it back up when finished.

    Have you checked the other obvious things: air bled from radiators, correct pressure on the gauge on the boiler, and aquastat settings?--NBC
  • Charlie from wmass
    Charlie from wmass Member Posts: 4,216
    Are there two pipes per radiator or one?

    if it is only one you have steam heat. If it is two you may still have steam heat. Do you have a glass tube on your boiler to check the water level?
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  • What system

    Good question, Charlie.

    Why not post some pictures of the boiler and radiators (inlet, and outlet sides), then we can see.--NBC