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815 arco air eliminator eruption

Harjo Member Posts: 3
I have a steam system that I think is a k system. Original boiler was replaced about 15 years ago and has operated fine until 6 weeks ago. It is a 2 pipe with 2 arco 815 dual port air eliminators. Steam and water started coming out of 1 of the eliminators. There is a condensate tank. And it has a Hartford loop. I have drained and flushed Hartford loop. Still the same. Took apart swing ch. They are free and clear. Replaced steam trap on air eliminator. Still the same. One day it's the one on the left the next time the one on the right. ? Have attached pictures and video. Any thoughts ?


  • BobC
    BobC Member Posts: 5,477
    Anything changed recently?

    Has anything been done recently that might have caused the piping to shift?

    Also if your presuretrol were not sensing the pressure in the boiler because of a clogged pigtail your pressure might be higher than it should be. A system like that should be running at very low pressure, do you know what pressure it's running at and do you trust your pressure gauge?

    Something has changed and you have to figure out what that might be.

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  • Harjo
    Harjo Member Posts: 3

    Bob, thanks for the info.
  • Harjo
    Harjo Member Posts: 3
    Still having same problem

    Ok ch pigtail---clear.replaced gauge. No problem with pressure.took apart air eliminator and found that the brass plunger on the float assembly was worn on 1 side and not seating properly. Took it to a machine shop and had them resurface plunger but the critical problem is the whole dual linkage which is brass is sloppy and the plunger doesn't square up to the seat. Now the question . Is there a replacement for the 815 arco dual air eliminator ? I know a f & t trap won't work. So anyone now of a replacement.

    Could I use a f&t and install a main line vent ?
  • moneypitfeeder
    moneypitfeeder Member Posts: 249
    can you post some pics?

    Hi, Can you post pics of the linkage that you're having an issue with? Might be able to offer up a way to tighten up the slack or direct you to new parts. Also if you can place a ruler next to the parts to give an idea of scale, it'd be easier to id. I rebuilt my air/elim trap awhile back, I think you might have an easier time rebuilding rather than replacing.
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