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New Honeywell uv2400u5000 air purifier info

kyle_t Member Posts: 1
Hi I'm new on this site and I am looking into UV light purification. This is the one my friend gave me its brand new he said does anyone know detailed info of this model over any others or comparisons to this one? Thank you in advance.


  • BillW
    BillW Member Posts: 198
    Ultraviolet Lights

    Ultraviolet light has been used for many years to control bioaerosols(air-borne germs & viruses) or the biofilm (slime & algae) that grow in poorly drained condensate pans and on the coils of heat pumps and air conditioners. They can be mounted in the return duct to minimize air borne germs and viruses, or over the coils and condensate pans to control the "dirty sock" odor commonly associated with heat pumps. They have no effect on gases, vapors or particles. Typically, they are on when the fan is running. They do not inactivate all germs and viruses! Some are more resistant to UV than others, and are not exposed to the light long enough as they pass by in the air stream. They are very effective at controlling the biofilms in the pans & coils, though. The lights' UV output degrades over time, and they must be replaced as per the manufacturer's recommendations. They are ALWAYS mounted inside metal ductwork! DO NOT look directly at one of these lights! You can severely damage your eyes or even be blinded if you do. All UV lights work the same way, so any difference is mostly "bells & whistles" cosmetics.

    Go to for more info on their model.
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