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Return Clogged


I have a returned that is clogged.

Im going to be looking to detour this part of the pipe because it runs under concrete.

Any leads on a reasonably price plumber / steamfitter that can help me with this?

As soon as the weather turns ... Im also looking to convert this 26 Apartment building from oil to Gas.. So I could use some leads on this as well. The building is located in Lynbrook on Long Island.





  • vaporvac
    vaporvac Member Posts: 1,520
    edited February 2014
    find a contractor

    Check under find a contractor using both state and zip. I think maybe gateway plumbing and Jstar from thatcher heater (NJ) service that area, but I'm sure they'll let you know. Hopefully others have recommendations.
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  • nicholas bonham-carter
    New return

    Just make sure as the return is routed so that its level does not rise above the water level of the boiler it does not need any particular slope, but must be lower than the waterline.

    How can you judge the reasonable price of the plumber? I think the plumber with the reasonable price is one who does not have to be checked constantly, and whose work does not have to be redone, after he has stopped answering your phone calls. Let the steam expert you choose make your savings in the reduced use of fuel, and increased comfort of your 26 apartments!

    In a large building, the savings will be recouped faster then the single family dwelling. If you try to replace this yourself, you will see how time-consuming even a simple job can be for the do-it-yourselfer who doesn't work with pipe every day.--NBC
  • Keith212
    Keith212 Member Posts: 2
    Agreed but still need referrals

    I looked under the find a contractor section but there are only a handful of experts of business posting there and Ive been reading this website for the past year or so learning about my problems.

    My current oil company has been doing the repairs for years. They are too busy now to do the the re-piping and I'm pretty sure at this point that Im converting the building to gas. The compliance and liability issues in Nassau county are just crazy....... So I need to find an expert. Thats why I started this thread. Ive seen great referrals for other peoples problems and my building has a ton of them. And not every expert here has their business posted in the find a contractor section of this website.

    I think my boiler is oversized, I have clogged return lines,.Improper piping on the riser at the boiler, and I have a major leak somewhere that my soon to be old oil company has not been able to find. The boiler has taken on 90 gallons of new water in the past 10 days.... 9 gallons a day.  It never shuts off.

    Most of the return lines are very level... I wished they had a lil more of a pitch... but that maybe too difficult to change. I understand that really not that important as long as they remain below the waterline. Its a single pipe wet system.

    Any quality referrals or recommendations for this job which is located in Lynbrook, Long Island New York would be greatly appreciated.