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Purchase a display for Honeywell burner control?

I learned today that there is a display available for the Honeywell burner control we have (photo attached). How useful would it be to a novice like myself who is willing to learn, but has no background in anything but the humanities?

I think it might be useful as we have had only one combustion analysis (attached) done in the 9 years our "new" boiler has been in operation. That analysis showed the burner was not at optimal efficiency.

Could having a display allow us to proactively conduct maintenance without calling in a steam expert?

I am having trouble with my internet connection, so here is a link to the burner control photo:

<a href="https://www.dropbox.com/s/ugo2uuktv42ta12/burner%20control%20in%20operation%20%281%29.jpg">https://www.dropbox.com/s/ugo2uuktv42ta12/burner%20control%20in%20operation%20%281%29.jpg</a>


  • icesailor
    icesailor Member Posts: 7,265
    edited February 2014

    I believe that the "display" you are asking about is just an accessory to the control that gives you more information about what is right and wrong with the control operation. I don't think that it gives you any of the information shown on the combustion analysis.

    Which causes me to ask, what did the company that did the analysis do to try to improve the "Score"? If that boiler is new, those are rather pathetic numbers and through adjustments, some of those numbers should be able to be brought up. Those controls are used on large commercial boilers. A few percentage rise in efficiency should cause a substantial savings of money.

    Did they give you any suggestions for how to improve efficiency? Its not like there is a lot of cleaning on a Natural Gas fueled burner. I mean, why own a digital analyzer if you don't use it for what it can do?

    There's nothing cheap about any boiler using that control. Your money (IMO) is better spent in finding a really qualified steam person and having them tweak the system. Techs that do that stuff every day can perform amazing things with a analyzer. You bring your bad running car to a shop and the first thing they do is put it on an analyzer. That one isn't OK. You need professionals. For the amount of gas you have going through that thing, it should be checked annually. It will pay for itself.
  • HoyteKing
    HoyteKing Member Posts: 85
    boiler tweaking in process

    Thank you for the reply. The analysis was done by a contractor evaluating our system. He did not have a good experience with some of the unit owners and will not be back. I envy him.

    The boiler was installed improperly in 2005, and has never worked right. The problem is that no one wants to trust others, and at the same time a good steam man cannot be found. I found the best in the midwest, but since I found him we cannot use him. He now has so much business that he does not need to put up with the behavior here. I envy him.

    I have the basic answers on how to fix the system, and after two years of trying anything else, the powers that be are getting to the point where there is nothing else to do but the correct thing - install a header return, properly vent the mains, and maybe another thing or two.