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I don't like my new boiler! oh no

someone Member Posts: 12
I am in the process of having a new house built. We have radiant floor heating and I just had a buderus oil boiler put in yesterday. I heard it for the first tie today and I hate it.It is SO loud, and clunkcy seeming. I wish I had gotten the system 2000. I feel stupid for not getting the system 2000.

In my previous home I had the system 2000. Is it much quieter than the buderus? I remember it being quieter.

The thing is, I was going to go with a pellet boiler but I chikened out. Then I actually had a propane boiler installed for one day then paid them to remove it ( they bought it mostly back from me) and had them install the oil buderus boiler. I did that because I realized after I installed the propane that I was afraid of propane lieaks. explosions.

So I cost myself already a bunch more money. And I am already at the top of my budget with my house.

But I am super bummed because the buderus is So loud and I hate it. I am inquiring with the heating co to see if they will buy it back and install a stsyem 2000 but they may not. I am tempeted to replace it howeverI can anway because I put so much into this home ad would hate to have a loud boiler I hated.

I am disappointed that I did not just et the system 2000 to start with, I thought the buderus would be more lie the system 2000.

anyone have success soundproofing a boiler room? would it be crazy to replace the new buderus with a system 2000? would it be much quieter?


  • pugdad
    pugdad Member Posts: 23
    dont like

    What burnner did they install with the buderus?
    EBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 15,635

    Well that would suck having to replace it.

    Was the burner set up properly with combustion test instruments?

    A smaller nozzle and down firing may help if approved with the boiler/burner you have. 

    Yes, you could enclose the boiler in a room and soundproof it. Don't forget to have provisions for combustion air and maybe ventilation
  • someone
    someone Member Posts: 12

    I think it is a riello burner but not sure.

    I went back today to the house. The heater sound still drives me nuts. I am thinking a lot of it is the placement of it. My contractor had put in a flue in the chimney in only one spot so that is where we put it. Now I am seriously looking into what it takes to move it (which is my nextquestion besides soundproofing)

    First, it sits right below part of the entry hall and part of the livingroom. which is a really bad location to be the noisiest part of the house. I want my living room to be a quietpeaceful room!

    Next, it sits right next to the basement stairs so the sound goes up thise stairs and the stairs going upstairs.

    I spoke to a soundproofing guy today and he said he can soundproof it more than 80% quieter--- but, I read the only review of that company I could find online and someone said they had claimed they would soundproof it 85% but it eneded up only sounding like 15-20% quieter. So I am wondering what anyone here knows about how much percentage in sound to really expect to quiet with soundproofing?

    also - location. I will probably soundproof it either way but will a better location make a big difference too? and the main question is how big of a deal (and how expensive) is it for me to have the boiler relocated to a ifferent area of the basement and perhaps we could install a vent pipe through the roof?
  • kcopp
    kcopp Member Posts: 4,443
    I have a Buderus...

    boiler w/ a Riello burner. Its not that bad. Riellos do have a unique sound...What is the model of Buderus boiler? 115? 215?. Now before having the entire boiler removed you may want to see if a Carlin burner can be put on instead. (it would depend on the boiler model) It may help.
  • Harvey Ramer
    Harvey Ramer Member Posts: 2,239

    if the draft and the burner fan hit exactly the right spots, the result is a really loud rumbling sound. That is easily fixed with a good draft gauge and a good barometric damper and a combustion analyzer to set the burner properly.

  • clammy
    clammy Member Posts: 3,113
    Its been a while since i,ve installed a budewrus oil fired but i do believe they make a flue silencer and another little known installation tip .If i remenber correctly a piece of smoke pipe must extend straight off the boiler breech i belive they suggest 18 inch .I know that on one or buderus i was forced to install a elbow on the breech andf found that the boiler was noiser .Also wondering if a burner cover was installed on the burner this often does reduce the noise .One other comment is was this boiler installed as a direct vent with outside air crowl ,and was the oil burner piped using a tiger loop buderus does reccomend to use one even though most contractor omit them cause they cost money .If your boiler is vented into a chimmey and this is new construction which is usually fairly tight i would suggest you also look into a getting a fan in a can make up air unit other wise any boiler will get sooty due to insuffent combustion air.As for the system 2000 i ,ve serviced a few but never installed not one of my favorites but as for your buderus i love them and have used them for years both oil and gas even put one in my parents home over 15 years ago .You just may need a real oil guy to set it up and add a few of what i suggested to your install.One final note remenber to consider that some of the noise you may be hearing could be reverbation and sound projestion from a empty basement .Hope this helps peace and good luck clammy
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  • icesailor
    icesailor Member Posts: 7,265
    #1 How important is it.

    #2 If you were looking for a house to buy, and you came upon this house, that had everything you wanted in a house, and you'd been looking for a long time to find "just the right house" and this one fit the requirements, and the Buderus boiler was (in your opinion) noisy, and the only deficit, would you not buy it and continue on your hunt for the "perfect home"?

    Have they insulated the floor yet?

    I've had customers with System 2000's. I found them just as noisy as any other oil fired boiler. And I can almost promise you that my hearing is more sensitive than yours. You're used to the sound of a Beckett in a System 2000. You will get used to the sound of a Riello in a Buderus. Most of them have the sound box installed. Duct the fresh air intake to the outside. The whine will go away. Insulate the exhaust. It will be quieter.

    Like the recovering people tell each other: Progress. Not perfection.

    Perfection and the striving for it will drive you and others crazy.
  • Jack
    Jack Member Posts: 1,047
    I'm with Ice on this. Live with it for a while. You have enough on your plate with a project like this rather than obsessing about something that has all ready costs you a ton of dough. That Buderus is an excellent boiler.

    If it is to much for you after the 2016 season;) then you can study your options and decide how to do move forward. One suggestion I would make is to look at replacing the single wall pipe from the boiler to the chimney with a double wall (DuraVent DVL or Selkirk DS) vent connector.

    To bad you couldn't deal with the gas unit. Most of those you can stand three ft in front of and hardly hear them run.
  • KC_Jones
    KC_Jones Member Posts: 5,742
    Here is another question. What stage of construction are you in? If the house isn't fully finished the inside of the house can create all kinds of weird echo and sound transmission. Is it possible that is part of the problem? I know when I remodel rooms (especially with hardwood) just talking in the room can hurt my ears, but add an area rug some wall hangings and get the room "finished" it all goes away. Sound can be funny like that. Hard surfaces just keep bouncing it around, soft surfaces absorb and dissipate it.
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  • RobG
    RobG Member Posts: 1,850
    I think we lost the OP. This post is from Feb. 2014.
  • KC_Jones
    KC_Jones Member Posts: 5,742
    lol I didn't even see that just saw this pop up as a "new" post when I logged in. oops.
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    EcoSteam ES-20 Advanced Boiler Control
    Boiler pictures updated 2/21/15
  • billtwocase
    billtwocase Member Posts: 2,385
    You can't get much quieter than a properly set up EK boiler. When we started ripping out rotary units years ago, that was the only unit that came close to a rotary, which was whisper quiet. Pics would help. Set up is key, and also like any 3 pass boiler, and a big plus is that there should be a minimum of 18" out before any elbow for exhaust. They will roar if you hit a 90 right off the bat