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In wall baseboard heater making poping, clicking and banging sound.

AprilW Member Posts: 3

I just recently bought a 2 family detached home. We renovated everything

inside from the electric to the pipes to the walls, beams basically


The type of heating system we decided to use is in wall

baseboard heater that uses water which run through the pipes heated up

by Gas.

Whenever the heat comes on on the 2nd floor, we hear pooping, clicking and sometimes continuously banging sound. The sound happens to be isolated in one of the baseboard heater upstairs directly above our master room down stairs and the sound is so annoying I haven't been able to sleep for days.

We ask the guy who installed the heating system and he said that it was normal because when hot water goes through the pipe the pipe expands therefore making the clicking sound. Which is true, however my understanding was that sound should only happen when heat is first turned on, once the heat is on, that noise should go away. and the sound should not be so continuous and loud.

The other step we did was to bleed the water but we did that many time and it did not stop the sound.

The next step I see is we have to knock down the wall to investigate the pipes??

Hoping you can give us an alternative. Please help.

pls see below for the type of in all baseboard heater I am referring to



  • unclejohn
    unclejohn Member Posts: 1,833
    You should

    Be able to remove the cover and do some snooping around right at the heater with out tearing up the walls.
  • icesailor
    icesailor Member Posts: 7,265
    Popping, clicking and banging:

    Like John says, you can take the cover off.

    Look for the noises when the unit is running. Is the offending unit on a top floor? You may need more water pressure in the system. Maybe 16# to 18#.

    Are the holes where the pipes come through floor of adequate size to allow for expansion or contraction? Is the sound coming from under the floor or behind the wall? If so, the holes are either too small or the pipes are rubbing on wood.

    If it is the first heater on a zone, and it does it when it first heats up, does it get better (not make as much noise), then speed up and start a "cycle"? I have seen baseboard radiators do something like this as the boiler temperature rises and falls on the high limit differential. Sometimes I have heard it with Taco 57* series wax motor zone valves as the operator turns the power to the coil on and off and the switch is making and breaking.

    What you need is a very experienced person to look at it. Your description of the sound and the interpretation of some of us can be like the difference in Florida and Massachusetts right now.