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Main Pipe Insulation

nycpanycpa Posts: 108Member
I have the main steam pipe go through a finished room in the basement.  Other than fiberglass pipe insulation that I see in Home Depot, is there another type of insulation that  I can put on the pipes that not made from fiberglass?  If fiberglass is the only option, how can I seal the fiberglass, can i wrap it with duct insulation that is sealed in foil?  Also, how do I insulate the joints of the pipes where the two pipes meet?  Thanks for the help.


  • Fiberglass

    Fiberglass insulation is most commonly used on insulating Steam lines. Most plumbing supply stores will carry it in a range of different sizes. The good stuff is already covered with a white foil covering on the outside, and often it will come with tape to cover where each piece of insulation meets. You can also buy PVC fitting covers to cover any unions, elbows, or any other types of pipe fittings. These are not usually available at the big box stores like home depot or lowes. But any good local plumbing supply store should have all that you need.
  • Si_zimSi_zim Posts: 40Member

    I have had very good experiences with buyinsulationproducts dot com

    Fiberglass insulation, tape, PVC fitting covers etc
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