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Boiler Requires Water Addition Very Frequently

Hi everyone, I'm a new homeowner and have a house that was built in 1929.  It's a craftsman style ranch with steam heat.  I have a Crown Boiler that has a central pipe and then a gravity return.  There are 6 radiators that are all in the wall.  Every couple of days I feel that the water level has gone from the site glass line (which is about 3/4 up) to a quarter to less than a quarter left.  I'm trying to understand where the water is going.  I've replaced all of the radiator air vent valves, but other than that I'm at a loss.  Can anyone help me with some possible reasons why I would need to constantly put water in?  Also, the house is a ranch with no pipes going underground, I can see all of the parts of the boiler with obstruction including all pipes.  


  • nicholas bonham-carter
    nicholas bonham-carter Member Posts: 8,508
    Water loss

    Next time you have to refill it, overfill it untill you can feel the cold water in the steam supply riser. Let it sit, turned off, for a couple of hours. Look in the firebox for signs of leakage.

    The water must be escaping somewhere, and if you can't see any leaking pipes then the boiler is next on the list.

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    HEATON Member Posts: 117

    seen several like this where leak allowed water vapor go up chimney, look for signs of moisture in chim or connected vent.
  • NewHomeOwnerNJ
    NewHomeOwnerNJ Member Posts: 10
    Vent in Basement

    This morning I noticed that the air vent at the end of the main pipe, before the water goes back to the boiler might be bad.  It has tons of brown soot going down that pipe and I haven't replaced that.  I'm thinking I should try replacing that.  
  • earl burnermann
    earl burnermann Member Posts: 126
    Where is your boiler return pipe located?

    Is it visible or buried in the cement floor. If it's below the floor you may have a leak there.
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