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How to clean a pigtail and is it installed right

mgmine Member Posts: 58
I don't know if my pigtail is clogged or not but I do know that when I turn the adjusting screw on the pressurtrol nothing happens. I can turn it until the screw falls out and but the system still doesn't shut down. I plan on putting a new gauge on but I'm thinking that I need to clean the pigtail while I'm at it. Can I shoot compressed air through it or do I have to remove it? Also is it okay the way it is installed?


  • nicholas bonham-carter
    nicholas bonham-carter Member Posts: 8,576
    Pigtail cleaning

    Turn off the power to the boiler, unwire the pressuretrol, making notes of which wires go where. Unscrew the pigtail from the boiler, and wash it out in the sink. Putting a union under the pressuretrol will simplify the job for the next time, as you won't have to fiddle with the wires.

    Unfortunately the pressuretrol is not a precision device, and should be replaced by a vaporstat. As you turn the screw, trying to adjust the pressure lower, suddenly the linkage can become disconnected, and there is no upper limit on the pressure. An additional 0-3 psi gauge makes it possible to adjust the vaporstat, and check whether you have enough main venting.--NBC
  • rrg
    rrg Member Posts: 37
    edited January 2014
    I used a plastic zip tie to clean pigtail

    When I first cleaned my original pigtail I could not get anything to turn the corner inside.

    I did remove it from the boiler first.

    A coat hanger would just stab going into the corner.

    I found a medium to thick size flat zip tie would bend around the corner from both sides and did clean all the deposits pretty well.

    One other tip, run water in it before you clean and see how fast it flows in a sink. Next clean it and see how much better it flows. That's how I knew I got it clean.

  • mgmine
    mgmine Member Posts: 58
    How to hook up a vaporstat

    Thanks NBC I asked a few weeks ago about a vaporsttat and just recently about a 0-3 psi gauge. How/where would I hook up an extra gauge just add a tee? Also can I simply unscrew the pressuretrol and use the same piping to hook up the vaporstat? With the addition of a union.

    Thanks RRG for the tip about running the water through before and after.
  • nicholas bonham-carter
    nicholas bonham-carter Member Posts: 8,576
    Adding a gauge, and vaporstat

    The new vaporstat should be mounted as high as the wiring length will allow, so get a couple of various lengths of brass nipples from the hardware store, a tee., and elbow.

    The new vaporstat would be on the top of a tee, and close nipple, and the new gauge would be off to the side, screwed into the elbow. Once you have the gauge, you won't know how you got along without one!--NBC
  • mgmine
    mgmine Member Posts: 58
    which vaporstat model.

    Thanks I did a search and came up with this. It looks like what your are describing.


    I see that there are two model vaporstst available one is in PSI and the other is pounds. I assume the PSI one would be the one to get. Also in the picture the pigtail is vertical and not horizontal like mine, is mine not correct the way it is? I'll put the new one on like in the diagram.
  • gcp13
    gcp13 Member Posts: 122
    trumpet pigtail

    that pigtail was meant to be installed vertical

    they come vertical or 90 degree

    yours may still work, all it needs is a water seal