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Can anyone identify this boiler?

I would like to find a manual for this boiler in our home.  Mainly to find out if near boiler piper is a problem.  Is it is OK that the riser comes out of the side of the boiler instead of the top?

Not sure why all the photos get turned sideways as they are right side up on camera and computer.  Good excuse to put your head down on the desk for a few minutes.

The black tape on the side in the first photo shows where the waterlline is, just a few inches below where the single riser connects to the boiler.  The equalizer comes out of the riser pipe then the riser connects to the header and header connects to two mains.

I have read two of Dan's books and attended his seminar last week at PM Live but there was no discussion/photos/drawings of any boilers with riser pipe from the side.


  • icesailor
    icesailor Member Posts: 7,265
    Steam Boiler:

    That's a steam boiler.

    Is that a Watts #340 3/4" 30# hot water boiler relief valve on top there?

    What does that rating plate on the front say about the boiler? Doesn't that have the info you need?
  • Bullethead
    Bullethead Member Posts: 21
    Faceplate info

    Sorry.  Should have posted this also.  It is a one-pipe steam boiler:

    Sears Roebuck and Co

    Series 2D512

    Boiler Model No 229 96165

    Serial # 760 3478

    Input BTU per he 174000

    Output BTU per hr 139200
  • nicholas bonham-carter
    nicholas bonham-carter Member Posts: 8,564
    Side exit boilers

    The piping is not ideal, both risers should go straight up a couple of feet, and then turn down a few inches, connecting separately with a larger header pipe, with the equalizer at the end connected to the Hartford loop. The takeoffs to the 2 mains would be between the 2nd riser, and the equalizer. Because they are somewhat sensitive to the piping layout, many people are wary of them, but if properly done there should not be a problem. The side exit can provide a perfect skimming port.

    Make sure at least that the risers are the full diameter of the side tappings (possibly 3-4 inches?) all the way up to the header, which is one size larger.

    As the boiler is reasonably old, I would just concentrate on maximizing main venting, and reducing pressure. When it's time for replacement, the present piping must be corrected.

    As you are having a pressuretrol problem, consider replacing it with a vaporstat, which could be used on the new boiler.--NBC
  • Bullethead
    Bullethead Member Posts: 21
    Side boiler and vaporstat

    Thanks for the info.  I am not planning on changing the near piping unless needed until we replace the boiler.  Assuming it is has been this way a long time but maybe it is a big problem.  Is replacing a pressuretrol with a vaporstat something a competent plumber can do or would it require a steam boiler expert?

    Any idea how to get a manual for this boiler?
  • Henry
    Henry Member Posts: 995

    It looks like an Anthes boiler. They use the same boiler for hot water and steam.