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smith gas boiler GV-100 intermittent problem

smith GV-100 gas intermittent pilot with honeywell controls. there is an intermittent problem with ignition.it'll run for days and then some days it will not run right away on call for heat,sometime later after it retries it will ignite the main burners.i have wiggled the igniter wires and turned the gas valve switch on and off and then it will come on.other times it will not.last night i opened the sight door to watch the glow and pilot ignition.the glow doesn't seem too bright to me and there is a delay in the pilot getting lit(about 30 seconds). i hear the gas coming out of the pilot as soon as the ignitor glows, but there is that delay in lighting it.After it lights there is another pause before the main burners ignite.I went out and bought a new ignitor/sensor and tested the ohms on it at 4.5.that's correct. on the old igniter still installed i checked it at 23.8 ohms. is this too high of a resistance?. i didn't clean the tip of the old sensor yet. i'm thinking that the ohms are too high and the sensor is dirty. i was told that in rare cases when it's super cold out that everybody naturally has their heat turned up higher and that this can cause a low pressure situation to the valve-i raised the pilot a little higher but i don't think that that did the trick.it ran for hours while i watched.You may need to precisely tell me how to test a component(s) if there is a need to do measurements in detecting the problem.i have a dmm.I just don't know how to read and do all the test that this tool has.Help!..thank you.
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  • meticulousmike
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    diagnosing stuff

    I'm supposed to be getting an answer in an hour from you guys.Nobody replied to my stupid question that I already probably answered myself.so with no help.the instruction manual for the ignitor states to refer to the manual for the sv9500 gas control for troubleshooting procedures.i looked for it in manualsonline.com that I had saved in my computer.not there.So I decided to google it instead it popped right up to honeywell's forwardthinking.com which I had also saved on the computer sometime ago as was told to me by one of their reps. I was looking for more technical and troubleshooting and other stupid stuff from that site long ago but couldn't find it. like what does cph mean on the back of the t87's,does smoke film interfere with correct operation of these stats,etc. all of which couldn't be answered by a telephone rep.All of the unsure of's when(I think) these stats don't work right on the job. well anyway thanks anyway guys for the help I found out how to troubleshoot the gas valve before I just start changing parts without solving the problem-no I just got to get to it.
    drain cleaning, plumbing,heating and electrical repairs.