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Too hot in the bedroom and water drain sound from a rad

JoshP Member Posts: 44
My steam two pipe system is boiling us out of the bedroom. I have replaced all the trap elements in my system with new ones. Is the room "overheating" signs of a stuck trap? Also is there a way to diagnose which of the two radiators it is? By sound or heat coming off the radiator? I've also tried cutting back the radiators with the valve, which doesn't seem to help.

I also have a different radiator that once the system is done running and the steam condenses, it sounds like water running into a bucket of water or water running into a drain. It can be very loud especially at night. Any thoughts on this?

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks


  • Noisy rad

    Can you post some pictures of the radiator, and it's piping, and of the boiler and it's piping. Check your pressure showing on the gauge, and make sure it is under 1.5 psi.--NBC
  • JoshP
    JoshP Member Posts: 44
    information on system


    Pictures of my system all in this older thread.

    I'm hoping there is an easy answer to the water draining sound at one rad. Its only once the system is done running and the steam condenses.

    Also how to tell if a trap is stuck open.
  • nicholas bonham-carter
    nicholas bonham-carter Member Posts: 8,510
    Hot and noisy in the bedroom

    I think your boiler piping is blowing a lot of water out of the boiler, into the main supplies, and some of that is ending up in this radiator.

    Keeping the pressure down will help, but redoing the boiler piping would be more certain of drying out the steam.--NBC
  • JoshP
    JoshP Member Posts: 44
    rad noise

    I have my pressuretrol at pretty much it's lowest setting. The draining noises really started after I replaced the thermo traps. It's only happening at one rad right now. Is it possible the trap is not opening all the way and not allowing the condensed water to run out and just allowing it to drip out giving me the noise?

    I guess I can just pull the trap apart and put an old element in and see what happens.