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Oil / Gas Nozzle conversion - HELP!

HVACNJ Member Posts: 2
Looking for some advice here -

My current setup is a weil Mclain 68 Oil - Steam boiler (model P-368-S) with a AFG (MP1192) oil burner.  The unit is approx 12 yrs old and have had no issues so far - knock on wood.

As I said, I currently have oil - there is gas in the street and a quick call to the township and gas company confirmed all it would cost me to tie in would be $125 for the permit and of course a heating system that utilizes Gas. The township has approved paving the street in the spring time (5 mths from now) after which time they will not allow you to open the street for 5 years (unless there is an emergency). The catch to this whole thing is that I am planing on putting the house on the market in the spring....

So i'm looking for advice on whether its

A) feasible to swap out the nozzle, sacrifice the efficiency, and just get the gas to the house

B) swap out the furnace and install a gas (prob my last choice)

C) Let it ride how it is and roll the dice.

I am worried if I don't end up selling the house and something does happen to the boiler, since I cannot open the street - I will have no option but to get another oil unit.

I am on the fence with what makes the most sense - I dont want to be paying for a new heating system for someone else to enjoy.


  • JStar
    JStar Member Posts: 2,752

    You can install a gas conversion burner on that boiler and not lose any efficiency. Gas can be AS efficient, or MORE efficient than oil.

    My requirements for a feasible gas conversion burner are:

    1. Young age

    2. Good condition

    3. Properly sized

    We install new wet-based boilers with power burners anyway, so either route is a good choice.
  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    edited December 2013
    there are good gas guns .

    One other thing is would they install gas if you were buying a new gas stove and oven ?

    if so , then , you might be able to keep the oil for now pay the 125 for the line in and meter ,.

    have your Gas plumber up size the pipe to a complete load of new appliances and boiler ,

    bring it into the house . then you might be able to run out the 34 black iron etc ..for the new oven range ... when you went to sell say well we have gas with the provision for more fixture loads , including a Boiler , Water heater , Gas dryer and sealed gas fireplace ......

    then you make some improvements and it gives you or them the option to upgrade...

    the gas company might roll with that approach as well. just make sure you get the plumber to size the supply for that .

    here we have no problem with doing that ,as the supply the Gas company line installs and the meter for residential are all the same thing ..the permits and inspections must all be passed naturally , however your oversizing an incoming line is not an issue as it will exceed code .


    here is a u tube 22 second blurb of a boiler with a riello for an example .

    riello natural gas burner
  • billtwocase
    billtwocase Member Posts: 2,385
    68 series

    I would start from scratch here.  
  • icesailor
    icesailor Member Posts: 7,265
    Oil to gas conversion:

    Can you put a gas conversion into a Weil-McLain 368 series boiler? The distance from the inside edge of the chamber to the back of the chamber is only 9 1/2" deep. Do they make a gas conversion burner that makes a flame that short? If it hits the back, won't it wrap around and raise the CO by not getting a clean burn?

    This boiler isn't much bigger than a suitcase. When I installed Weil-McLains, I always used 468's because I got better flame performance than the 3's. You couldn't put a Carlin 100CRD in it without having a big round black spot on the back wall. And the "A"-Tubes sucked. EZ-1.s weren't any better. Both ran wonderfully in a 4 section. Are there any gas conversion with a short, compact flame for this or are they all just big flamethrowers?

    Just asking.

    I'll never see another one where I am now.
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