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Squick - how much and quite frankly how ??

I have a Burnham Independence IN5. It is rated at 86 MBH (steam).

Squick says use one can for each 150,000 BTUs of boiler rating. If I have this right, 86 MBH = 86,000 BTUs which makes it about 1/2 a can. Have I got that right ??

They save remove the safety valve and pour Squick through a funnel into the boiler DRY. That would work nicely if there were a safety tapping into the top of the boiler. But the tapping is 3/4 " on the side. Trying to blow it through a funnel is interesting but not very effective. Or safe. How do you Pros do it. ??

As always thanks.


    ALIGA Member Posts: 194

    Why do you need squick? Have you tried washing soda or skimming?
  • nicholas bonham-carter
    nicholas bonham-carter Member Posts: 8,422
    edited November 2013

    The theory behind Squick is that it will absorb the oil on the surface, and then drop down to the bottom of the boiler, and insulate the section bottoms from the heat. Gradually a little bit of Squick will come out when you repeatedly blow out the bottom drain.

    When our boiler was replaced, there was a lot of mud in the bottom, and it may have been old Squick.

    A better method is to skim the boiler, removing the oil, instead of submerging it.

    Do a search here for skimming, and arm&hammer washing soda.--NBC
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