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Beckett Aquasmart or Hydrolevel Fuel Smart HydroStat

I live in a large home, about 7500sf in the North East, I recently replaced an older gas boiler with a large Buderus Logano. The house is about 80 years old and has been recently renovated. The logano came with a Honeywell 4006 and have recently found that that the aqustat is not functioning exactly as I would want it to and thought that maybe it would be nice to replace it with a newer digital aquastat. After looking around, I found the Beckett Aquasmart and Hydrolevel Fuel Smart HydroStat as good candidates being that they have outdoor reset and both have a low water cutoff. The only thing is I dont see many postings about them, I beleive them to both be similar and I am not concerend about price, I just am looking to get some feedback from anyone who has used them or anyone who has any experience with either of the two. Oh, I am not interested in the Logamatic.


  • rusty pipes_2
    rusty pipes_2 Member Posts: 9
    Beckett .vs. Hydrolevel

    Hey Undecided,

    After 6 years in this business, I can say that neither Beckett or Hydro are without problems. I can say that the Hydro Tech Service has been very helpful in the past.   I am sold on Hydrolevel, but I had to talk myself into ignoring the 10% energy savings guarantee that Beckett advertises.  I just cannot understand how they could know that.   The Hydro guy said that every system is different enough that this kind of guarantee is just not possible.  And, I agree. 

    I like the outdoor sensor option also.  I don't trust battery powered wireless stuff that can fail.  Keep it simple is what i think.   A good wired sensor makes more sense to me, even if it is allot tougher to install.  No batteries ... thats for me. 

    The easy way Hydro is to setup and when you touch a dial, it tells you where  you are and is easy to change.  I haven't had a job big enough yet to mess with the programming features, so I cannot comment there.   And, the Hydrostat instructions take a little time to get thru, but better to have more information than less ... 

    Hope this helped.

    Rusty Pipes

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