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big nipple trays?

The biggest stock trays I can find after a half hour of googling are 1 and 1/4" and the oversize are all single size.  how about a tray for 1" and 1 and 1/4" and a tray for 1 and 1/2" and 2".  or god forbid a tray for all 4 oversizes with maybe 2 rows for 1 and 1 and 1/4 and one row each for the bigger ones. 

or how about changeable inserts and you can pick the sizes you need.

if I could think of a simple quick way to make dividers I guess I could make my own but there are only so many ideas i have time to go build myself, so if anyone is aware of a manufactuer/reseller offering wider variety of these trays going up to the big sizes would appreciate a pointer.  (or if you have your own homegrown trick for making dividers in a hurry I'm all ears).



  • hot_rod
    hot_rod Member Posts: 19,281
    Good ideas

    Might want to add wheels to those large nipple caddies :)
    Bob "hot rod" Rohr
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  • Steve_210
    Steve_210 Member Posts: 628
    They do make them up to 2 inch

    If you still cannot find email me I will try to locate where I bought them.

    Larger sizes are 3 wide
  • Steve_210
    Steve_210 Member Posts: 628
    edited November 2013
    Deleted Double post

  • Bob Harper
    Bob Harper Member Posts: 977
    Got ya' covered


    Ok, I'll behave. Take a board and screw onto it wooden dowels spaced sufficiently for about 6 pipe diameters plus wiggle room.

    Begin stacking nipples over each dowel by size. When you get to the last one, drill a hole and insert a long framing nail or brazing rod sufficient to retain the nipples with one end peened or bent and the other with a push on spring nut to retain the nail/ rod. You can drill holes down the dowel so that as you remove nipples, you can lower the retaining pin. If you put an eye bolt or handle on the endgrain of the board, you can then mount them up on a wall or hook with the nipples standing out.
  • archibald tuttle
    archibald tuttle Member Posts: 1,033
    i prefer a good set of legs . . .

    with my nipples ;-)  Think I can handle the three wide2" tray that sprint is talkin' about. and by the time i can't a wheelchair is gonna be more important . . .  
  • archibald tuttle
    archibald tuttle Member Posts: 1,033
    always take recommendations for where to purchase!

  • archibald tuttle
    archibald tuttle Member Posts: 1,033
    an inny not an outty . . .

    nice idea.  i'm open to building my kit. everything that is sold seems to be an outty, i.e. the nipples are organized by dividers that are external.

    but strategically placed inner supports  have potentional.  I'm not as into the of dowels.  depending on their diamenter and the screw coming into the end grain i tend to worry a little about the resilience.

    but i could see a tray with a plywood insert in the bottom with tight holes drilled fr the OD of sch. 40 plastic one size larger than the desired nippled containment.  Then make an approiates set of graded lengths of PVC and pound into the board and voila.

    This allows you to mix runs of multiple sizes in one tray.  i'm gonna give this a shot, inspired thanks to your post.

  • archibald tuttle
    archibald tuttle Member Posts: 1,033
    this was a reply to sprinter . . .

    but it appears that freud has intervened.

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