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Hydronic Heating in India

So far I haven't found any, but people say it's in the newer office buildings and hotels. What I have seen here is a huge population ready to work and very industrious with an incredible history and beautiful artifacts. And some unusual plumbing.
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  • Nom_Deplume
    Nom_Deplume Member Posts: 72
    edited November 2013

    I am surprised to hear that there is hydronic heating anywhere in India. You may be misinformed, we Indians hate to say "no" or "I don't know" and prefer to nod and say "Oh yes, we heard something about that somewhere".

    Because the heating season is short, it is more economical to have electric heat. In mid-priced hotels and even in some 5-star air-conditioned hotels I have had space heaters delivered to the room on demand, although most nice hotels have heat through the overhead AC vents.

    Indian homes (not counting high-rise boxes) are designed to be open to catch the breeze in the long hot seasons. Many homes, even those of the rich, have no heat at all; when it is 45F outside, as it frequently is in Delhi,  it is maybe 50-55F indoors. As a result winters in northern India (for those not staying in heated facilities) can feel more chilly overall than winters in the US.

    I can see from your photos of plumbing that you are having a 'real' Indian experience, you're not just staying in a Hilton-Sheraton bubble.
  • I'm optimistic

    and will be on the lookout even though we are heading further into the Rajasthani desert, close to Pakistan.
    Often wrong, never in doubt.
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