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tink....tink...tink... noisy taco flo chek.

H3809 Member Posts: 19
Hi all,

    New one pipe boiler system, with indirect hotwater and an Everhot to 2 hotwater loops.  My heating contractor is coming out, but i wanted others opinion as you've been invaluable in the past, and I want to be educated on it.

    The check flow valves bringing boiler water to the indirect zones are chattering anytime water is circulating around.  My thoughts are there isn't enough flow to keep the valves open.  Would reducing the size of the check valves, to get more velocity, keep them open?  Or is this an Air/turbulant water issue?

    Its pretty loud, and resonates right up the radiators and wakes us up at night and during the day its annoying.  It isn't water hammer and is defiently the check valves.  I've played with the adjustment screw on top with no improved reduction, as well it seems to me that would negate the job they are intended to do.

How would you tackle the situation?  And ideas or thoughts?




  • H3809
    H3809 Member Posts: 19
    edited November 2013
    From the taco site

    I did find this on their website.

    Q.Why is my Flo-Chek or MPV noisy? Normally a check valve is noisy if the valve is oversized for the flow going through the valve. The flow cannot lift or swing the disk all the way open so the disk bangs back and forth within the body of the valve.
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