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Riello 2 stage G5D

Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
this is similar to a riello that i was trying to get a while back ,,

out of England or ireland this small two stage has high fire low fire oil with low and high capacity settings , one i was looking for is meant for boilers i think its on some condensing boilers , ""Cross the Pond"" back then There was a guy who was doing some experiments at Brookhaven with a 900 psi pump on his burner and i think Fire dragon donated some small personal pinner boiler ...i was and am still interested in that experiment i have some congealed fuel at the moment and a buddy is maybe outside at a 2:34 a.m. in the 30 40 below on his way over if he can find some diesel at the gas station that has not gelled in town to run for a day or two till the cold snap blows over ,

so i may have to get with the program at any moment .

this summer i gave away 6 gallons i had to get a guys furnace working and what not buh i also had a gallon at home so i figured it would be no problem 2:37 the oil i have is burning as i type ...if there IS a gas station pump that is working i HAVE 2 6 galon and one 5 gallon container i can go get right away.

that will last a while ,

any way i am going off topic other than if i had a controller i could maybe use a low fire high fire right now to lengthen my burn , ....any adventurers give this a go in the last ten years or so ?

i know ThermoPrides controller is for forced air and the fire chamber has been modified and the fan speeds switch up based upon incoming return air and outgoing supply air over like an 8 min "Window

2:45 the burner kicked off..37 from 45 is like fancy that 8 mins now were it switched to low fire i could maybe through manipulationg the by passes and changing the settings on some radiant floor get the boiler to run longer cycles...


the differential in the boiler might be something i could change to approximate the step...

maybe some of the info on the experiment with squared pressure and whatnot with the other burner would give me more info to roll with any one remeber that or link back to it?

was any of that ever published ? other than what we were discussing hereat the time ?


the Riello was the RDB

<a href="http://www.rielloburners.co.uk/index.php?section=102&simple=go&type=newsEvent&id=451">http://www.rielloburners.co.uk/index.php?section=102&simple=go&type=newsEvent&id=451</a>

i thought it was earlier buh maybe it was in 2007 or so,...
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