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Ideal low and high temp for a biasi oil boiler

bp1980bp1980 Posts: 5Member
Hello I have a Biasi b10-4 boiler with a riello and a Bock indirect 40 gallon water heater and a hydrolevel aquastat 3250. the house is 2 heating zones and has one more circulator for the indirect, i wanted to know what is the ideal high and low temp settings for this oil boiler? for now i have the low off and the high at 180. the indirect is at 130. i usually keep the house at 69 during when were home and 65 when we are away.


  • earl burnermannearl burnermann Posts: 126Member
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    I have a similar setup except my indirect is a phase III. I would start by making sure the water heater has priority. Next, I would lower the indirect's aquastat to the lowest setting that will still deliver the needed amount of hot water. Lastly, I would lower the aquastat to a point that can still supply the needed temp for your tank to recover. My boiler aquastat is set at 160 degrees and the indirect's aquastat is set between low and medium. Have mine adjusted to be able to fill my bath tub.
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