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Kick this contractor to the curb?

sgtmikey Member Posts: 14
I am in the middle of a gas conversion. The gas company ran the line to my home late September. Some email tag with the contractor, and a small oil delivery to hold us over, and his guys show up about three weeks later to run the line into the house.

Immediately following that work, I inquire about the time frame for the inspection by the town. I'm told two to three weeks for inspection. That was four weeks ago...

There were a few follow up emails trying to get a time frame, followed by running short on oil(my fault)/minor burner service/another small delivery which brings me to today. Unable to get an answer on my inspection date, I call the town and am quite surprised to learn there is no permit for a gas conversion for my property. That's right, the contractor has yet to file the required paperwork!

Now, if I don't tell him to take a hike, it'll be mid December before the town can do the inspection. With my luck the install will be on the coldest day of the month and there will be a problem.

So, thoughts?


  • Stekay
    Stekay Member Posts: 36
    I think

    You've already answered your own question. This is the guy you're gonna deal with if there's a problem down the road & for service?
  • MDNLansing
    MDNLansing Member Posts: 297
    Set up a meering with the inspector

    I have dealt with something similar to this. I met with the inspector, explained my problem, and he actually helped me. Not all of them are bad guys. In my case, he had me hire a new contractor and was able get the inspection squeezed into whenever the contractor wanted it. Inf fact, he did the inspection at 6:30 at night as to nor conflict with other inspections he had. You never know, you;re inspector might be a down to earth guy like mine was.

    No matter what, you don;t want to deal with this contractor anymore. There is no way you can rely on him to make things right if there are problems, or respond promptly if its broken and your house is freezing.
  • sgtmikey
    sgtmikey Member Posts: 14

    I saw from your post titles you're Western Suffolk. I'm Eastern Nassau. Got a recommendation? At this point, I may just stick with the oil and convert when it's warmer.
  • Stekay
    Stekay Member Posts: 36

    I was recommended and very satisfied with Bob O'brien from Technical Energy in Miller place. I'd at least start there.
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