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video of pipe banging noise

magic90015magic90015 Member Posts: 26

So I went to the office

and they told me if I come to their office that they will call cop

and stop harass them.. They say I should be thanking for not making me

billing the plumber go come. and don't want to waste their time in to it anymore.

and really in rude tone.

And it started snow today in state where I live in. And the noise during the daytime also got worse. this is the video in the basement noise.

What should I do now?


  • cant help

    Can't help ya on that since I'm deaf..
  • magic90015magic90015 Member Posts: 26
    what do I do now?

    what do I do now?

    They say they won't fix it them selves.

    I have to pay for the fix if I want to fix it.

    But I don't like their attitude so I don't want to fix with my own bill.
  • WeezboWeezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    Magic ,

    thats one interesting thing that you know how to do . You made a you tube video ..

    *~//: )

    i have answered it there for you . i have some great telephone pics and videos of my dashboard the ceiling of the van and pictures of the floors and rear view mirrors from my van that were made when i was trying to answer my phone from time to time...

    : )

    is it easy to make this video there?
  • magic90015magic90015 Member Posts: 26
    The office guy won't talk to me

    the thing is now

    when I talk to him about this pipe he goes

    'Is there anything else I'm not going to talk to you about this matter'

    and just don't listen to what I say
  • Complaining to the office

    Can you ask them the following questions next time:

    1. I have a noise problem in my apartment from the radiator-do you believe me?

    2. I have consulted experts on line, and they say this type of radiator should be silent-why is it not?

    3. These experts are saying that whenever there is noise, there is a waste of fuel-would the owner be happy about that?

    4. If it is discovered by the owner that bad maintenance, and bad management have caused the tenants to suffer first and then leave, as well as paying for 30% more fuel! which could have been saved otherwise! then who will still have a job in this office (or boiler room)?

    These systems were silent when first installed, and why not now?????--NBC
  • magic90015magic90015 Member Posts: 26
    So that noise

    So that noise

    got nothing to do the bent-end baseboard heater that's located at right outside

    of my unit?
  • icesailoricesailor Member Posts: 7,265
    Strange Noise:

    Magic, it's too bad that you have to rent from a$$hats. That said, I have no idea what is causing the noise but any competent person should be able to figure it out, You are at a disadvantage because I don't think your English is all that god. Which isn't in any way a criticism of you in any way. I think that they are disrespecting you.

    Like someone here said, it didn't make that noise when it was new. It would take one of us to follow the sound and decide what the cause is.

    It can't be good for the system. Like I said, I've never heard anything like it.

    Good Luck.

    Where are you located?
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