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Anybody had or know of this issue....

We have a new customer, ThermoPride HAF with a Beckett AF. Unit is approximately 6 years old.

Our first call to them, 4 weeks ago, was a no heat call. We found at first the cleancut pump seized. Also the motor was bad, assuming from the bad pump. However unlikely both bad at the same time, it was "plausible".

We replaced all bad parts, did a complete burner servicing/ tune up and cleaning of the unit.

Four days later, another no heat call. The pump was seized again. We noticed a "glazing on the filter element and on the pump strainer.

Long story short, we were told by the landlord, they had previously purchased bio fuel.

They think grade B-20. But they are not really sure what grade bio fuel.

On Halloween, another no heat call. We found the burner off on lockout. the pump was not seized, but very stiff to rotate shaft. After a few pushes of the wheel, it spun freely and the burner ran as normal.

Also, each time we go there, we of course change the filter, strainer & nozzle. Noticing this glazing.

Today, yet another service call, and again a seized pump.

Now we have seen bio fuel before, not too many times, as we are told oil companies charge more for it, so I believe most people pass on it for price reasons.

But does anyone have any info or assistance or advice for us on this. This is really a problem and a huge pain in the butt now.

There has to be some solution that we are nor aware of.


  • SWEI
    SWEI Member Posts: 7,356
    edited November 2013

    straight up can dissolve just about anything.  FKM/Viton is the only rubber that will live through it.  B20 and below should be safe for NBR.

    It's also a strong solvent with good lubricity, making it a good additive to dino juice.  Those solvent properties can drive old deposits in tanks and lines into solution.  One possibility.
  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    edited November 2013
    Nosotros no tengamos , aqui....

    However we had quite a few discussions with this subject in the past and there were like parts of the subject that went off into bio 5 and 10 and 20 ,..and some discussion was opened at HVAC.com sorry oil tech talk... about it also . the Wall changed so i am not too certain that we can acess any of those older threads however , Might run that by Captain Beckett burner boy and crowd there too ...Thermo prides a great forced air product i think i have some lit on the Riello burner and whatnot, the G5D ....

    i think we had another thread going about some new "Green Gas" at the time for natural gas appliances...i apologize for not being able to navigate directly to it or provide a link .


    we were also dealing with those oil pumps at the time and were wondering if we could buy one that would not fail the first time they ran.. the shafts were coming apart in the replacement pump they were having one heck of a time because we are oil burner guys here it was like , well.... i have a good Riello i can install....
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