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Make up water tank

Raj_87 Member Posts: 1
Hi guys,

           I am working on a new project which involves using a chiller to cool the core of a reactor in a paint factory. the arrangement goes like this. from chiller to pump to CDP(chemical dosing pot) to heat exchanger to <strong>make up water tank</strong> to reactor. The water returning from the reactor again goes back to the make up water tank then to heat exchanger and finally back to chiller. I am new in this field and this drawing has been approved by the client, so my question is regarding the design of the make up water tank. Both the cold water from the chiller and the hot water returning from the reactor also goes to this tank.Is this arrangement logically possible? If yes, can somebody help me how to get this done?

Thank you.


  • nicholas bonham-carter
    nicholas bonham-carter Member Posts: 8,508
    Paint factory

    Maybe a diagram of the sequence of process and temperatures would help everyone understand this better.

    Is the hot water just waste heat, or is it merely a byproduct of the reactor process. That waste hot water could be routed through a heat exchanger to be cooled down, before going back into the tank. The heat may even be useful for doing some heating elsewhere.

    At any rate it might be wise to take some of the load off the chiller.--NBC
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