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your proper steps for seal system repair

                                     compressor replacement

                  always record the following before work is started

   .a1 compressor full load amperage and locked rotor according to name plate

   .a2 sub cooling required for TX valves, super heat for fixed orifice or cap-tube

   .01 recovery gas and record the amount / never mix different refrigerants in a recovery tank, it is best to remove valve stems before recovery  

   .02 cut out the compressor / never unsweat the compressor

   .03 check the oil in the compressor for acid

   .04 always remove the old drier , not the muffler on some units

   .05 always install a new drier  and make sure its going in the right direction,install new compressor

   .06 always pressurize with dry-nitrogen up to 450 psi on 410a 400 psi on r-22

   .07 let system set for a minimum of 30 minutes if system is less than 5 tons

   .08 while system is pressurized and you sitting around doing nothing, check the indoor coil and blower and clean. While you are in the air handler check to see if you have an expansion valve or fixed orifice

   .09 If system holds pressure release and install vacuum pump with micron gauge and evacuate down to 350 microns. Always check vacuum pump first with micron gauge and it should pull down to 200 microns if not your pump is bad and gauges are leaking or your micron gauge is not working. Instal new valve stems

   .10 always replace contactor and run capacitor and start capacitor if present

   .11 weigh in new virgin refrigerant according to manufacturing name plate install 75% of name plate charge.If valve stems were removed replace with new stems

   .12 install amp meter on the common leg of compressor if single phase and turn power on wait a minimum of 15 minutes of run time before adding more refrigerant. Remember in the cooling mode always use sub-cooling on system with a expansion or TX valve and always use super heat on fixed orifice or cap tubes no matt5er what they counter salesman tells you

   .13 now if acid was present add acid away during charging and return with in 48 hours and check acid level again

Now anything less than that and I consider a jack-leg .Now if you don't have an e.p.a card, volt /amp meter,  vacuum pump, micron gauge, dry-nitrogen with a regulator, electronic scale, electronic thermostat and a set of torches not a turbo torch on a hvac system leave to the pros. You can email me any questions or comments if you like or don't like but this is the way it is suppose to be done

Peace Be With You

David Broome


  • TechmanTechman Member Posts: 2,144

    Nice listings ,David. Concise , accurate! There's something  about this though, that I'm not quiet sure about ! I GOT IT!!!! You make it sound so ,,,,,,,,, simple!! LOL
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