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Heat - thermostat

Hi I have my thermostat to 68 should it be the temp 68?

It says 72.

I don't know what to do


  • Jean-David Beyer
    Jean-David Beyer Member Posts: 2,666
    I have my thermostat to 68

    "I have my thermostat to 68 should it be the temp 68? It says 72"

    It could be a lot of things, and what you do will depend on what the reason for the difference is.

    1.) It might be that the thermostat calibration is incorrect. If you can adjust the calibration, do so. If it is one of the old Honeywell mercury thermostats, it may not be level: level it.

    2.) You could just set it to 64, and you might get 68.

    3.) Depending if it is forced hot air, hot water, or steam, it could be lots of things, and you might have to get them fixed. Perhaps the supply pipes (in the case of hot water or steam) are not properly insulated, and you will have to insulate them.

    4.) Perhaps the thermostat is located on an outer wall and is kept 4 degrees colder than it needs to be. Move it to an inside wall and away from cold drafts.

    There could be more. You will need to describe your system in more detail.
  • Andrew boiler
    Andrew boiler Member Posts: 44

    My thermostat says it's 72 in my master bed room and I have set up my own zone.

    It's feels like more like 65 I having this same problem all day long.

    It's it normal it's saying 72 I have my heat set at 68

    It's going to be very cold tonight need to find Answers
  • Gordy
    Gordy Member Posts: 9,514
    T 87 thermostats

    Is your thermostats the old round type? If so are you sure it is level? This can throw it off.

    Do you have another reliable thermometer to check the room temp in question to verify the thermostats reading properly?

    Is there anything close to the thermostat that my give of heat, and create a false reading at the thermostat?
  • Andrew boiler
    Andrew boiler Member Posts: 44

    No it's not the old Hanywell well it's the PRO Non-Programmable Digital Thermostat (1 Heat) Vertical Mount

    Does that help any way?
  • Gordy
    Gordy Member Posts: 9,514
    edited October 2013
    What about

    The other things I listed to check.

    Are yo new to this home?

    If not was there an issue before?

    Is this a new thermostat location?

    Remember this is the shoulder season so the home just gets a little bump from the heating system here and there.
  • VA_Bear
    VA_Bear Member Posts: 50
    Is the hole...

    the cable comes thorough sealed so it doesn't leak air in or out (throws off the calibration)? Is it exposed to sunlight or another heat source? What is the room relative humidity (low moisture makes moderate temperatures feel colder to the skin)? Not enough information to begin guestimating a source for the problem.
  • Andrew boiler
    Andrew boiler Member Posts: 44

    I talked with my tech he said its fine no problems with it I had home come look at it.

    He said 71 was how warm my room is.

    Thanks for all the help and feed back
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