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Switch from steam to hot water radiators? HELP

Hi all - I am a homeowner with a broken steam boiler. I was hoping for some advice on whether or not to convert my steam heat to hot water heat. Pros? Cons? Please help asap as I will need to make a decision by tomorrow. Thanks!!


  • heatman101
    heatman101 Member Posts: 19

    Is it one pipe steam or 2???

    Oil, NG, LPG, or what fuel??

    How large of an area are you heating??

    What condition are the existing pies in???

    Just a few things I can think of off the top of my head....

    Generally speaking, I would stay with steam.....but that depends....
  • MTC
    MTC Member Posts: 217
    If you haven't already made your decision...

    I think the biggest determining factor for me would be if the system can hold pressure. Steam operates at generally under 1PSI, or at most in a properly running system, 2PSI. Water runs more in the 12-20PSI range, possibly getting up to 30PSI. An old steam system (which is open to the atmosphere, and sees more corrosion, etc b/c of that) might not be able to handle that pressure without leaking, even if it was working fine as a steam system.

    If you don't have 2 pipe steam, you have no chance of a reasonable conversion.

    For a smaller system, you'll never get the cost of conversion back. In a larger system, you might, but I in general will agree with heatman that you want to stay with steam if that's what you already have.
  • dpeart
    dpeart Member Posts: 31
    this is a nice read

    I have been looking into this as well, here is where you should start.


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