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boiler and water heater- what type to get


I am looking for information on propane boiler and water heater. My present oil boiler has been condemned due to new government regulations (my boiler is about 60 years old) and I am thinking of going to propane(I live in a rural area, no gas). I need a new boiler and water heater. I have been quoted 4 different options

1) Navien m ch-240 combo water heater(tank less) and boiler –Lowest price

2) Viessman Vitoderm 100 with indirect water heater(not sure what type) -Highest price

3) Viessman Vitoderm 100 with normal gas water heater-Higher price

4) IBC 20-115 boiler with indirect TuroMax 23 indirect water heater-Lower price

I have also been told since I am on a well I have to make sure my water is not to hard by 2 people and 2 people say it makes no difference since the boilers are stainless steel and I was also told my one person that my water pressure must be at least thirty PSI. My pump turns on at 20 and off at 40psi. No one else seemed concerned about water pressure. I am now totally confused. I live on my own and I hate to say it but a not to handy 60+ plus woman and have not idea what is correct. The price have varied between 6000.00 to 9000. It was also suggested by one contractor that I also get a system that isolate the boiler from the main water, this would add another $800.00 to the price. Which is a big price difference. Before I have my water tested for hardness to make sure the water softer is working and have someone come in a look at my well/pump system I would really appreciate some advice as to the best way to go. Sorry to be so long winded


  • HomeOwner1
    HomeOwner1 Member Posts: 134
    We are running a Navien 240

    We also have a well pump and run a Navien CH-240. Works fine.

    We have a very large home, over 3500 sqft and three full baths.

    It needs to be installed correctly.

    The others from what we were told have a longer standing reputation in the market from a branding perspective.
  • Gordy
    Gordy Member Posts: 9,546
    edited October 2013
    Where are you located?

    I'm assuming Canada?

    Has any of the bidders done a heat loss of your home? That's the first step to size the boiler properly.

    What kind of hot water heat do you have? Radiant, radiators, baseboard?

    The heating system should be closed loop meaning the same water in the heating system does not cross over into the domestic water supply. The latter mentioned is referred to as an open system not recommended.

    The heating system can be filled with an outside source of water if yours is not of good quality. And unless your heating system leaks , and needs continuous make up water there should not be a problem. If the system has leaks they should be fixed before installing a new boiler.

    Over time poor water quality will effect the heat exchangers performance, and longevity even if it's stainless steel.

    I will assume the contractor most worried about water quality is the Navien bid.

    As far as boilers.

    Viessmann is top of the line the 100 lacks some of the controls of the 200 but same boiler. Still top notch.

    IBC is a good boiler I like the 10:1 turn down ratio. This is how much a boiler can modulate the burner to the heat load needed. Most are 5:1. This applies to modulating condensing boilers which are in the 92% plus efficiency range.

    Boiler indirect combination will give you the most economical, and abundant supply of hot water. Because the boiler which is 95% efficient is heating the tank where a regular water heaters efficiency is much less.

    I would assume that the contractor recommending the Navien is the one worried about water pressure. Because a closed loop hot water heating system runs at 12 psi unless you have more than 2 stories.

    I would say that #4 seems with info given the best bang for the dollar. But ask if a heat loss was done. The turbo max is a good indirect water heater.
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