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What to buy. (replacement circulators)



  • Boiler wrestler
    Boiler wrestler Member Posts: 43

    If this was my house I would return the system to as close to the performance of the original as possible. The original coal fired boiler circulated by gravity and operated at low temps in one zone(the whole house). You can still achieve this by removing the two larger circulators and installing one small circulator (Grundfos 15-42, Taco 007)  Set the pump to run continuously during the heating season and cycle the burner on a call for heat from a single stat on the first floor. Then when the budget allows, install a modulating condensing boiler.
  • JOSYS36
    JOSYS36 Member Posts: 50

    If the budget ever allows I am going to put in another coal boiler. Then if I want to turn this house into an oven I can do so.

    I guess I am going to have to do some more reading on the theory of how water absorbs heat. I would assume that running water fast through the system would mean that less heat would be picked up and released, and if it was ran slower it would be able to pickup more heat and disperse more heat. Kinda why the Bumblebee has delta T settings. Lucky for me I enjoy that type of theory. But, I do agree. I wanted to convert the system back to consent circulation right from the get go, but was told I didn't want to do that.

  • JOSYS36
    JOSYS36 Member Posts: 50
    edited November 2013
    Quick Question.

    As a quick update i have had the two new circs put in and I am seeing much better results. I have also readjusted one of these thermostats that was programmed to think it was on a forced air gas system to hot water and gravity conversion. Much better results.

    Anyway one question I do have is on the aquastats. There are two and one is about a foot and a half above the other one. I had assumed that one ran the boiler and one ran the domestic hot water (which is not being used), but from what I have read one is probably the high limit and one controls the boiler water temp. I was seeing if there is a way to see which is which. If not I probably download the manual and have to do some wire tracing. If you look at the pictures I posted above you can see both stats in the pic.

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