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Pneumatic controls

Anyone familiar w/ pneumatic controls/dampers for residential AC/H.


  • RJRJ Posts: 479

    worked on them for yrs.  pneumatic contols were usually used in commercial applications  
  • Pneumatics


    Are you asking about pneumatic controls that are used on VAV boxes in common areas (hallways, etc) in apartment buildings? If so, what's on your mind?
  • TechmanTechman Posts: 2,143
    edited September 2013

    Hi Professor! This is a request from my tin-knocker based on him having seen/heard about a residential pneumatic zoned system installed on 3-4-5ton split units. So I'm starting my search here, good pool of info here! RJ, I did pneumatics in the 80's, lots of changes since then.
  • TechmanTechman Posts: 2,143
    zone controls

    Thanks John. Exactly what I was looking for!
  • JStarJStar Posts: 2,668

    Avoid Arzel. Temperamental, and prone to heavy service. In fact, I would avoid residential pneumatics altogether.
    - Joe Starosielec
    [email protected]
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