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Drop header going in

ALIGA Member Posts: 194
boiler replaced about a year ago, drop header being installed.

please let me know if you see anything off. thank you.


    ALIGA Member Posts: 194
    dropheader vs non

    Does anyone know what the breakeven point is for a dropheader vs non. I know there are alot of variables, just trying to figure out if the expense is justified.

    Dropheader piping and fittings so far add up to $800.
  • Rod
    Rod Posts: 2,067
    edited September 2013
    "Standard" Header vs Dropheader

    Hi- In comparing a properly sized “standard” header to a drop header you first must consider that the piping sizes used should be the same as those used on a dropheader so therefore the costs will be pretty much the same on these items. The differences are:

    On the installation:

    The material side - it is the added cost of just a couple of extra elbows and pipe nipples.

    The labor side- it saves time as the risers are much easier and forgiving to attach to the header pipe using a dropheader configuration. Depending on the difficulty of the individual job, I tend to think that the extra material cost comes pretty close to being balanced out by the labor savings from the ease of installation.  (There can also be a saving from not having to repair the hole in the basement drywall where your wrench impacted after being thrown by you when you got frustrated trying to get a “standard” header's fittings joined together :) 


    Long range benefits of a dropheader over a "standard" header-

    - drier steam means better efficiency

    - less thermal expansion stress on the boiler sections

    - easier to adapt to a new boiler if one is likely needed in the near future

    Your piping looks pretty good and should be more efficient than what you previously had.

    - Rod
    ALIGA Member Posts: 194
    edited September 2013

    Thank you Rod.

    Some of the main concerns were addressed:

    - eliminating bull tee

    - fixing the slope to the two mains at the bull tee

    - removing the 2" pipe from old header

    - raising the risers

    - utilizing both boiler tappings
  • Drop header installation

    If you could increase the header size by 1 size, you would slow down the steam even more. As shown, the 2 boiler risers appear to feed a header of the same size, so the steam would speed up a bit in the header. As seen, it will still be an improvement over one boiler riser, and no drop header!--NBC
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    TSP time

    got my hands on some real TSP. will be cooking and skimming this weekend.
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