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loop of steam boiler(jstar/jamie)?

Hi guys,I was on a job yesterday where a basement baseboard loop was taken of a steam boiler.I have a quick ? on it.Plumber came out of boiler. 2x 3/4 bushing,6"nipple ,and 3/4 tee.Run of tee he has his boiler drain,bull of tee he has ball valve and then starts his heating loop.Coming back to boiler he heating loop goes into a pump then check and taps into the bottom of wet return.

It was my understanding that he should have came back into boiler directly.What I am seeing is (and am probably completly wrong) is that when the circ is running will the water bypass the return pipe going up to hartford loop and stay in wet return making it run against returning condensate from system.Hope I am making sense.

Thanks for your time.


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