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Logimatic R2107 Help Needed

zooba72zooba72 Member Posts: 11
Hello Everyone,

I need some help with my Buderus Logimatic R2107 configuration.  I’m running a Burderus G215-4 boiler (OIL) and

have 3 zones in the house.  Zone 1 is the

main living area (upstairs & downstairs), Zone 2 is the basement, and Zone

3 is the domestic hot water supply.   I’m

trying to set Zone 2 (Basement) to a temperature around 50 degrees for both day

and night (50 day / 51 night).  However

when I try to hold down the Heating Zone key to select the basement zone, I

only have one circuit and DHW.   Can

someone please explain what I need to do in order to modify the temperature of

the basement zone?   I ended up heating a

gutted basement last winter and it cost a fortune.  The manual makes reference to module FM241 … Do

I need to purchase another module to modify the basement zone?   I have thermostats in both zones, but the

Logimatic is controlling everything.  

Please help!  Thank you.

I apologize if this topic has been covered before, I couldn't find it in the forums.


  • tangled in wirestangled in wires Member Posts: 23
    can you increase decrease daytime and nighttime temps?

    First off are you able to adjust any of you zones current temperatures Ex: Zone 1 adjust day temp to X degrees?

    If you can adjust the daytime and night time temps switching zones should be fairly easy.
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