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outside top feed oil tank in mass

PaulPaul Member Posts: 246
i recently had to change from bottom feed to top feed on outside oil taknk in mass. to bring up to code. i used a 1/2 inch duplex bushing and 1/2 inch steel pipe into tank and a 1/2 inch angle firomatic on top of tank. had to run overhead into basement and am using tiger loop and osv. i know alot of guys like to run 3/8 slip thru into steel pipe for feed. i am using the1/2 inch pipe for the feed without the smaller 3/8 copper slip thru method i have seen them done both ways and i am not sure why i did it this way. i have dne them both ways and never had troubles and always use tiger loop on top feed situations.just looking for feed back etc.


  • Ron Jr.Ron Jr. Member Posts: 527
    Seen it work both ways

    We use the sleeve method . We solder some 1/2 inch copper onto a male adapter and thread it into the bottom of the duplex . Then run some 3/8 soft down the pipe . 

    Why don't they allow bottom feed tanks outside ? Freeze ups ?
  • PaulPaul Member Posts: 246
    freeze up

    thanks ron, in mass the code is if it is subject to freezing temps. line has to be top feed. i have seen them be problems on top and bottom but mostly bottom feed when it gets really cold with wind etc.they are problematic outside anyways and need to be inside. the ones outside that seem to be alot better are the ones with wooden enclosure and they never seem to be a issue other than cold oil temps.i was just wondering if the 1/2 dip tube"pipe is better than the small 3/8 "oil line for feed coming out and then reducing to a 3/8 "line run all the way to burner.
  • Ron Jr.Ron Jr. Member Posts: 527
    I think 3/8" copper line into the tank

    sleeved down a 1/2" tube is the way to go . Although I have seen 1/2 inch black pipe connected to the duplex bushing by itself and worked .

    Most outside tanks around LI are top feed , but there's plenty of bottom feed tanks too . Our drivers dump treatment in outside tanks every fill up in winter . Not too many problems with gelling or freezing . 
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