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flat plate heat exchanger questions/ sizes

i have a job where we are replacing an old utica coil boiler with a vitorond 100. the problem is that there is absolutley no way to put an indirect in the boiler room, no basment, boiler room is off the it possible to use a flat plate heat (with no holding tank) exchanger and provide enough hot water for a 4 person house hold?? i kno system 2000 does it but with a tank for storage.

any links for flate plate info would be great! thanks!


  • papashawngopapashawngo Member Posts: 7

    the vitodens 100 have an available add on called the combiplus which is basically a plate heat exchanger in a fancy box with a built in circulator. so i dont know why if there is no other option you couldnt do something similar. is this an oil or gas system?  is there no option for a wall hung unit that would do both heating and domestic ie triangle tube pte110?
  • hot rodhot rod Member Posts: 7,077
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    HX sizer

    at this site\

    Sizer here

    I have a 5x12 30 plate on my system to provide instant DHW. A Grundfos 15-58 on speed 2 supplies energy from a solar or wood heated storage tank. Even with the tank down to 130F I can still get a decent shower at around 2 gpm.

    Some boilers have onboard HX that are smaller, but they allow the boiler to run up to 180F or so to provide the extra input.

    I have a system with a Laars 130 with DHW via a plate HX and Lochinvar Cadet 120 with a plat HX inside, both have smaller dimensioned HXers compared to my homemade 5X12- 30.

    Incoming cold supply makes a difference, my well doesn't drop below 55F. Some utility water supplies can drop to 40F or colder in winter.

    Pre-heat it with solar or a storage tank to help HX performance if you can.
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