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New Carbon Monoxide Studies

A recent study has shown that drywall does not keep car fumes out of homes.  If you plan on running your car in the garage you need to find a different material.

(Okay, I added the last line but it seemed to be implied)

CPSC funded a year long study and found that running gasoline power generators in you house can be dangerous and deadly.

(I think it took a year to complete the study because the testers kept being overcome by some type of illness)

I am betting using barbecue grills indoors might be the next study released, but I hear they are having a problem finding volunteers.


  • STEVEusaPA
    STEVEusaPA Member Posts: 6,506
    Few questions...just wondering

    1. Is there a link to the study?

    2. What rating was the drywall? Did the study include double drywalled, fully fire-taped, all penetrations sealed?
  • Bob Harper
    Bob Harper Member Posts: 1,035
    CO through drywall

    There were some studies on this in Minn. back about 15 yrs ago on homes in their Minneapolis Metropolitan Area Aircraft Noise Attenuation Act. You see, they focused on sound at the expense of building science, especially CO, indoor Rh% and ventilation rates.

    The study proved air exhaust would easily seep through the std. walls into the home. One study used tracer gas which demonstrated easy movement of gases through the corners of drywall where there is only paper tape covered with a thin coat of gypsum, which is very porous. When a house is under negative pressure, it inhales air from the garage. They proved even if the car is left idling in the garage with the big door open, significant CO would enter the structure. They recommended pulling the car out into the driveway then closing the bay door.

    More codes gone wild.

    Jim, glad to see someone taking another look at this. We have the tree huggers and energy freaks screaming for ultra low Air Changes per Hour (ACH) then the building scientist and people who actually live in this terrariums screaming for higher ventilation rates. See the recent ASHRAE 62.2 battle royale between Max Sherman and Dr. Joe Lstiburek on room ventilation rates . Good to klnow it wasn't a waste of money putting warnings on gasoline engines not to run them indoors. Sadly, people ignore this and still run generators and gasoline saws inside buildings.

    Everybody is focusing on energy and saving the planet while we're living in mason jars killing ourselves.

    If they want to study BBQ grilles and CO, just come to Philly and check out the Asians and Pacific rim ethnic cooking on charcoal hibachis on the porch.
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