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Hey, Wallies!

Having grown up with a father like Dan Holohan, I know what it takes to write well AND what it takes to succeed in your industry.  I know that you work hard, have great ideas, and want your business to look and sound smart.  I also know that you're really busy.  That's where my company, S&D Writing Services, comes in!  Do you have bright ideas but just need the words to make them come alive?  Do you have the words but need a sharp set of eyes to spruce them up and make them shine?  Do you need help figuring out just the right way to word that business letter, brochure, or newsletter?  Do you want your website to include informative content written in an engaging and professional way?  I can help!  Check out my website at or email me at [email protected] Let's work together to make your business brilliant in print. 

Yours in good grammar,

Kelly Holohan Hochbein
Kelly Holohan Hochbein

S&D Writing Services


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