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another corrosion issue

John P
John P Member Posts: 16
6 year old WM ultra 2 boiler and ultra plus 40 indirect. I lowered my temp setting for two week vacation, came back, turned it back up to EXACT same setting, somewhere around half way. I did start to notice water temp seemed a little hotter based on my usual shower valve position. Came home yesterday to system shut down and water leaking from boiler return as well as vents. Any thoughts?


  • heatpro02920
    heatpro02920 Member Posts: 991
    edited August 2013

    that corrosion doesn't look new?

    Why was the system shut down?

    If I were a tech walking into what you describe I would fix them leaks (replace vent, make sure no water is seeping or leaking anywhere else), maybe install some dielectric unions on that tank, I would check the condition of your heat exchanger, I would test the water with my test kit and meter, check all temps and pressures, and treat the water as needed, may need a filter or good cleaning and treatment....

    I take it you have well water, when I install a boiler I test the water if I have any doubts (from observing the condition of pipe interiors and just a little common sense), I have had boilers that I opted to fill them with bottled water rather than their tap water, its cheap insurance at 80 cents a gallon.

    I have well water at my home that is decent, filtered and treated, but I pumped bottled water into my mod con and system, I think it cost me $16 to fill it, then $20 for the treatments, cheap insurance for a $25K heating system...

    But anyway, if that corosions just appeared then there is an electrical problem or something that I have never seen in all my experience, but if its been a gradual deterioration, get a tech over there to fix and leaks, change vents that need to be changed, test the water, and take the actions he feels comfortable performing to remedy your issue....
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